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| November 22, 2018

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This Unique Brighton Festival Performance is Taking Place at Sea

This Unique Brighton Festival Performance is Taking Place at Sea
Pete Humphreys

Brighton Festival 2017 will see the UK premiere of a unique performance taking place on the river Adur and in the sea.

Casting off aboard a small boat, audience members will tune into sounds and stories via a radio broadcast.

Following its premiere in the Port of Melbourne and the lower Yarra River, Five Short Blasts Shoreham has been created in collaboration with Shoreham’s water communities and by the same team that brought the water-themed installation Gauge to Brighton Festival 2015.

The piece takes its title from the international maritime warning sound signal of five shorts blasts on the horn, indicating to another vessel that you are not sure of their intentions and concerned about a collision.

Producer and Artist Madeline Flynn says: “It’s an experience that takes people through a place while you listen to a place and you listen to where you are but you also listen to voices and sounds that we have orchestrated and created.

“The way that this site and town looks when we have low tide it totally different to how it looks when we have high tide. The tide changes facilitate the way that people can interact with the water.

“We can only access the river two hours either side of high tide so that’s a beautiful ticking process for the whole month as the times of the performances that are possible change, so the variety of lights and manner of things that are happening on the water will change throughout the season.

“It’s a great honour to come back. We really love Brighton audiences – we had a fantastic time when we did Gauge for a month and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens this time and who we meet this time, and who we meet this time, and how these people respond to what our offer is.”

Producer and artist Tim Humphrey says: “The voyage will be augmented by performance and a score to do with people’s life and work and play on the sea and the river.

“When you go in a boat and when you listen in a boat there is something meditative, something that takes you to a different state of mind. That’s the main thing that people take away.”

Five Short Blasts Shoreham will run from Sat 6 – Sun 28 May at times dependent on the tides.

Tickets cost £20. Click here for more details.

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