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| December 10, 2018

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Harry and Meghan Are Here! Brighton Journal Interviews Eager Royal Fans

Harry and Meghan Are Here! Brighton Journal Interviews Eager Royal Fans
Kim Ayling
  • On October 3, 2018

Amidst much speculation and excitement Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are making their much awaited visit to Brighton today and crowds have already begun to gather, so Brighton Journal headed down to chat to those dedicated fans who have been waiting since this morning!


Brighton has upped it’s security for the royal visit, with a large police presence being deployed around the city and exact details being kept firmly under wraps. Police officers, as well as private security, are mostly located around the Royal Pavilion, where Meghan and Harry are due to visit.


Crowds are growing throughout the day.

Despite the excitement, the timing of the newly-weds visit has not yet being confirmed. However, this uncertainty has not deterred fans! Crowds had already begun to gather first thing this morning, with queues of people hoping for a glance of the newest royal couple. By midday the crowds had doubled, with hundreds of people waiting for the imminent arrival on every side of the Royal Pavilion with many holding bouquets of flowers in the hope that they’ll be able to give them to their favourite royals.


By midday a few hundred fans had gathered around the Royal Pavilion – even though Harry and Meghan aren’t due to arrive for a few hours


Brighton Journal headed down to the Royal Pavilion to speak to some of the excited fans. We chatted to Elaine and Kate, who had headed down from London for the day, initially just for a tour of the Pavilion: “We obviously couldn’t get in today, so we’ve extended our trip. We’ve waited for about an hour so far, but who knows when they’ll get here! The security have said anything from half an hour to a couple of hours.”



We also spoke to Brighton locals, Sue and Margaret, who have been closely following the movements of Harry and Meghan in the run up to their arrival. Margaret said: “We’ve been checking our local paper every day since they announced their visit to try and find the exact time they’d get to Brighton. I just think they’re such a lovely couple, I hope I get to see them!”


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been conducting a tour of Sussex today, having already visited Chichester and other towns in the county so far.

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