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| January 21, 2019

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TOM’s Film Club: Under the Shadow (2016)

TOM’s Film Club: Under the Shadow (2016)
Andrew O'Connor

The Open Market Film Club showed the trailer for Under the Shadow before their screening of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night last year, and are excited to be able to bring this ingenious Iranian horror to their screen in full this Halloween.

Under the Shadow covers the ghostly goings on of a mother and daughter living in post-revolution Tehran of 1988. After an unexploded missile skims the top of their apartment building, Dorsa, the daughter, is under the strong impression that spirits are now haunting their home while her mother Shideh, grounded more in the grim reality of their situation, is more concerned for the return of her husband from the Iran-Iraq War. But is it the mother projecting her anxiety that is the cause of her daughter’s night terrors, the family’s war-torn surroundings, or is there something even more frightening at foot?

“…succeeds equally as feminist fable, fractured family drama and full-on fright-fest.” Mark Kermode, The Guardian.

Certificate: 15

£6 Admission

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