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Brighton Journal | September 16, 2019

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Twitter Users Throw Support Behind Woman’s Place UK Ahead of Brighton Meeting

Twitter Users Throw Support Behind Woman’s Place UK Ahead of Brighton Meeting
Hannah Midgley

The population of Twitter has come together today to express their support for Woman’s Place UK, a campaign intended to ensure women’s voices are heard particularly in the debate around proposals to change the Gender Recognition Act., after their Brighton meeting threatened to be cancelled this evening, despite previous protests against the organisation.

In a Tweet announcing the cancellation of a booking at tonight’s event, called ‘A Woman’s Place is Turning the Tide’, Woman’s Place UK reinforced their determination to ensure that the meeting would go ahead regardless:

In response, hundreds of Twitter users have thrown the weight of their support behind Womans’s Place and tonight’s meeting, by publicly voicing that they stand with the campaign:

Tonight’s meeting, which will unequivocally go ahead as planned, will host to a discussion on the Gender Recognition Act, with a wide range of speakers in attendance.

This isn’t the first time that events put on by Woman’s Place UK have come under threat: alarmingly, their meeting in Hastings was met by a bomb threat, that Hastings Police are investigating as a serious incident.

The group has also been met by protests across the country at other meetings. In Bristol, members of Sisters Uncut – a women’s rights organisation – called for the Woman’s Place meeting to be cancelled, as they believed that the discussion on whether or not non-transitioned trans women should be allowed into female-only spaces will be reduced into the discrimination and scaremongering of the trans community.

Speaking to Bristol Live ahead of the protest, a spokesperson for Sisters Uncut said: “People’s existence is not up for debate. We don’t discuss the womanhood of cis women [non trans-gender women], so why should we discuss the womanhood of trans-women.”

They also went on to note that there is no evidence that allowing trans-women into female only spaces will pose any threat to women.

Tonight’s meeting is sold out but if you wish to follow the discussion, it will be posted on the Woman’s Place UK Twitter.


  1. There is ample evidence that trans identified males (transwomen) have the same rate of violent crime as all men. The biggest study of transsexuals to date, that analysed all transsexuals in Sweden, supports that finding. Also, almost 80% of trans identified males (who today include all males under the “transgender umbrella” not just transsexuals) retain male genitalia and studies show that most trans identified males do not achieve testosterone suppression, regardless of medications the are given for that. (feel free to google all this, you will find the studies easily).
    As we know, males are responsible for 95% of all violent crime, and 99% of rapes. These trans identifed males are now reported in the media as “women”, skewing the crime statistics, and in a recent case of a trans identified male attacking a female pensioner at Hyde Park, the UK judge forced the victim to lie under oath and to refer to a violent biological male as a “she”, which is a chilling example of gaslighting of a victim of male violence. And here is a link documenting news stories of transwomen who violently harmed women and children.
    Women have sex-protections because it is recognised that men are much more violent, and that they specifically target women with sexual violence. Trans identified males are, obviously, biological males, and have the same likelihood to be violent. Furthermore, any male who demands to be allowed into a woman-only space even though he knows women do not consent to him being there, or even if he’ll verbally abuse and physically threaten women for not letting him in, like prominent trans identified male transactivists are doing, not only disrespects and disregards women’s boundaries and consent by default, and contravenes the Equality Act 2010, but needs to be investigated for why he so desperately demands such access.

    • Sarah

      Thank you, I tweeted that webpage you linked.

  2. Don’t believe the hype. In actual fact, trans men (ie’ female to male trans people) correlate more to standard male behaviour. NOT trans women.
    read this link: ‘ This study is so over misquoted and misrepresented that the author herself had to come forwards and give an interview to try and dispell the myths surrounding it’
    Secondly trans women do not retain genitalia -certainly not the in the numbers presented. (Unless you are counting those in America where free healthcare is not provided) this is pure scaremongering. I do understand there is fear of penises but this needs to be put in perspective. If you’re scared of men you are scared of men -not trans women.

  3. Lori S

    Very odd seeing a Brighton newsletter taking an openly anti-LGBT editorial line. Weber are you intending to get your readership from?

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