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Brighton Journal | 13th December 2019

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Two Rescued From The Sea At Black Rock Beach

Two Rescued From The Sea At Black Rock Beach

Two people were dramatically rescued from rough seas at Black Rock Beach at around five this afternoon. A small crowd gathered as the pair were repeatedly pounded by and occasionally submerged beneath crashing waves just out of reach of dangerous surf which prevented them from landing.

The two were only able to stay afloat because of a rescue float apparently thrown by the Brighton Beach lifeguards, who sped to the scene on a buggy. Police officers at the scene then called out Random Harvest, the Brighton lifeboat from the nearby Marina. Despite being repeatedly hammered by waves which threatened to capsize their own vessel, the lifeboatmen quickly pulled the two from the water. An ambulance was later seen pulling into the Marina.

RNLI boat Random Harvest to the rescue.

Although the identity of the rescued individuals is unknown, earlier @BtonHovePolice tweeted “If you’re tempted to go anywhere near the rough seas that are pounding Sussex shores at the moment, please be aware that a 13-year-old lad has had a very lucky escape at this afternoon. Mostly thanks to a very level-headed friend. Don’t risk it! “.

An accompanying police report warned against paddling on the beach due to the danger of people being swept from their feet in rough seas and paid tribute to a 12 year old friend of the 13 year old, whose calm demeanour when calling the police allowed the rescue of his friend within 15 minutes.

A safety float lies discarded after the rescue.




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