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| January 17, 2019

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2 Sentenced After Causing £230,000 of Damage in Sussex Prison

2 Sentenced After Causing £230,000 of Damage in Sussex Prison
Jack Mitchell-Charman

Lewes Prison in East Sussex was the site for a terrifying ordeal in October 2016. Police officers were left vulnerable to a huge revolt by prisoners at the jail. Such was the extent of the destruction caused, that £230,000 in damage was recorded after the incident.

2 men were sentenced, these being 28-year-olds Ross Machpherson and Steven Goodwin. Macpherson is currently a serving prisoner, while Goodwin is a resident of Hastings in East Sussex.

Macpherson is already serving an 11-year sentence. This is for an amalgamation of crimes, including making threats to kill, aggravated burglary and wounding and possession of a bladed article. He will serve a further two years to run consecutively with his current charges.

Goodwin has received a 20-month sentence for his part in the crimes.

Including Macpherson and Goodwin, 5 men stood trial. All 5 defendants were cleared of prison mutiny and violent disorder charges, with the other 3 defendants cleared of criminal damage charges also.

The rampage began when many prisoners refused to go back to their cells following morning recreation.

Detective Constable Dan Thomson described how events escalated: “Macpherson began causing damage, smashing windows with a pool cue and things quickly escalated.”

Thomson spoke of the fear evoked in the officers present:

“Prison Officers began to fear for their own safety. The situation had become hostile and threatening.”

Goodwin eventually joined in on the destructive spree: “Goodwin was seen smashing all of the windows to the officer observation office on one of the landings and every single light fitting on the wing, as well as carrying a large metal chain which he was swinging around and using a fire extinguisher to smash the glass panels.”

Thomson made clear the extent of the damage to the wing once the order was restored: “As a result it had to be refurbished and 125 inmates had to be moved away from the prison with the cost of repair being £231,396, plus the additional costs of moving prisoners away to other prisons.”

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