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| December 10, 2018

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‘Ugliest Building’ in Brighton Set to be Demolished in Near Future

‘Ugliest Building’ in Brighton Set to be Demolished in Near Future
Jack Mitchell-Charman
The building is notorious for its bleak appearance.

Anston House in Brighton is widely considered to be an eyesore.

For those concerned about the city’s aesthetic quality, then good news has arrived.

The building will be torn down by the end of the year.

This is a staggering 30 years since it had been occupied.

First Base are to take over the site, with extensive plans in place.

They will build three 13-15 storey buildings. These will contain a series of shops and offices.

Also, there will be 229 flats. However, just 30 of these are set to fall under the affordable housing category.

Stalling negotiations and rising construction costs had delayed their action, with a deal in place to demolish Anston House since 2016.

They are optimistic about beginning work this summer.

Olaide Oboh, the company’s spokeswoman, stated that: “What we have been doing since then is trying to get construction prices. Costs have gone up significantly and in the south-east costs have fluctuated a lot. We have been spending a lot of time with a lot of the big names and medium-sized names and we hope to fix the costs very soon.”

They have also started some of the menial, yet still necessary, work: “We’ve already started site clearance – getting vegetation out of the way and removing slow worms to a new home, all that’s underway, but the main thing is getting construction price and company sorted out.”

This artist impression of the new site clearly shows a marked improvement on the quality of the previous building.

Whether the gentrification of the area is positive is another issue.

However, it must be deemed encouraging that it will again be habitable and in use.

It will also surely be favourable for the Brighton local economy.

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