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Brighton Journal | 20th February 2020

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Vegans Protest Around Turkeys and are Branded ‘Mad Terrorists’

Vegans Protest Around Turkeys and are Branded ‘Mad Terrorists’
Hannah Midgley

Brighton has often been called a vegan friendly city, with many cafes and restaurants focusing on the vegan market. However, Christmas time is most famous for turkey and pigs in blankets, especially amongst the meat eaters of us.

Last Sunday, the DxE Brighton, a vegan activist group, decided to protest in Brighton’s Waitrose. They formed a human chain around the meat isle and lay flowers for the dead animals. Shoppers were stunned, some stood to watch but many carried on with their shopping. The protestors also held placards stating: ‘Humane murder is a lie’ and ‘It’s not food it’s violence’. 

Image taken from DxE facebook page

The activist group also stormed one of Brighton’s steakhouses to play animal slaughter house noises to diners at the start of the month. One of their members who lead the group, is the daughter of millionaire meat merchant, Kayleigh Giampaolo. Just over a month ago the group also surrounded the meat isle in a Tesco in Sussex.

On Sunday, protestors could be heard shouting ‘This Christmas time you might be worried about what presents to buy and how to organise family get togethers but the animals are facing carnage!’ They also explained how turkeys are killed when they are between nine and 21 weeks old, although their natural life span is around 10 years. 

It was a peaceful protest, but police eventually arrived to the store and politely told the group ‘You obviously have a cause you are quite passionate about but you can do it outside.’ 

Image taken from DxE facebook page
Piers Morgan, image taken via creative commons

Many people have commented in humour online saying ‘Of course this had to be in Brighton’. However, Piers Morgan didn’t seem to take it so lightly, the outspoken TV character reguarly shares his views on veganism and lives just outside of Brighton himself. He has now branded Brighton ‘the home of mad vegans’ and on Good Morning Britain he spoke about the protest on Sunday, harshly accusing the activists of ‘terrorizing old women’.

His rant continued as he said ‘You want to protest come to my house with your little placards and start screaming at me and see how long you get on before I bring meat into the game. I am ready for you.’ He went on to categorise all far left groups under one umbrella, even saying that they ‘want everyone to be like them and if you’re not you must be exterminated.’ He also compared the meat industry to the death of insects when farming grain for bread ‘Billions of insects get killed. Those little cuddly things that buzz around you all day and they are getting slaughtered so that you can eat bread. But no protest there because if you did, you’ll starve to death’. 

Image taken from the DxE facebook page

The DxE responded with a statement about the protests in Brighton saying ‘Why is an isle of dead animal bodies notmal, but speaking out about blatant violence towards defenseless beings extreme?’ They stated that their aim of the protest was to ‘shine a light on the forgotten victims of this festive season, the turkeys. You can’t shop in peace when you’re buying death.’ 

A spokesperson for Waitrose said ‘We pride ourselves on exceptional animal welfare, with our turkeys farmed to high standards at farms we know and trust.’ 

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