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| November 22, 2018

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What Happened Today: Friday, August 5

What Happened Today: Friday, August 5
Cavan Halley

University of Brighton Fashion Student Biggest Winner off Brexit Decision

23-year-old fashion student revealed as on Brexiters biggest winners.

University of Brighton student Darren Grimes was funded with £675,000 in the build up to June’s referendum – official Electoral Commission records have revealed. This makes Grimes the single biggest recipient of funding by the leave campaign.

Darren was given the funding due to a social media campaign he led called ‘BeLeave’ which aimed at targeting young voters during the referendum, however, the page only accumulated 6,300 Facebook likes and under 4,000 followers on Twitter.

In the aftermath of the Brexit vote in June Grimes told a national newspaper; “I set BeLeave up around Christmas last year because I realised that the main campaign’s message wasn’t resonating well with younger voters. We wanted to de-stigmatise Euro-scepticism because the likes of Nigel Farage had made it quite a toxic brand. But the likes of Boris have now made it a really positive message.

“BeLeave is a progressive, liberal, internationalist group of students who want to leave the EU. And we had quite a good response from a generation that had been cast as being pro-Europe. I’m really glad that we did it, and that we put a positive message out there.

Grimes (pictured) an ardent leave campaigner, has risen to prominence in the aftermath of the Brexit fallout.

Grimes (pictured) an ardent leave campaigner, has risen to prominence in the aftermath of the Brexit fallout.

“I think that’s why we won. It wasn’t fear, it was positivity. The remain campaign was completely negative and depressing. “It makes total sense for Britain to have new global horizons, and I’m very excited about the prospect of that.”

The Leave campaign funded Grimes with £625,000 and another donor aided the student with a further £50,000 which brought the total funding to a figure of £675,315.

The Brighton University student upon Britain’s decision to Brexit was seemingly elated: “I think we took power and gave it to individuals to make this decision. We decided to go forward as a Britain with global horizons, a Britain which is more internationalist, free trading, and I really look forward to an exciting future now.”

Massive by-election victory for Labour in East Brighton

Labour has today retained its East Brighton council seat with a comprehensive victory in the latest by-election. Lloyd Russell-Moyle is now the newest member of Brighton and Hove City Council as a result of his victory last night.

Moyle, chairman of Brighton, Hove and District Labour scored almost three times as many votes as any of his nearest challengers winning over half of all votes cast.

The by-election had been called after former Labour councillor Maggie Barradell was forced to resign due to family reasons.

Barradel (right) had left her fellow East-Brighton Councillors (left, centre)

Barradel (right) had left her fellow East-Brighton Councillors (left, centre)

East Brighton has traditionally been a Labour stronghold but with this sudden election along with the background of both local and national in-fighting within the Labour party it was thought opposition parties may be able to make up considerable ground on Labour in the region.

It’s believed the recent visits of Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn who are contesting for national leadership helped a number of voters to stay with Labour.


Mitch Alexander, Green Party – 286 votes

Andrew England, Liberal Democrats – 116 votes

Leigh Farrow, UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 152 votes

David Plant, Conservative Party Candidate – 514 votes

Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Labour and Co-operative Party – 1,488 votes

Ramon David Sammut, Independent – 31 votes

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