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Brighton Journal | 26th January 2020

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Where and How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Where and How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree
Hannah Midgley

You’ll no doubt have noticed that many residents have taken to leaving their unwanted trees on the curbside as the festive period draws to a close. Conscientious Brighton & Hove residents will be pleased to know that they can recycle real Christmas trees at the household recycling centres and a number of sites across the city again this year. Every tree  collected will be turned into soil improver or compost and prevent more waste going to landfill.

The Christmas tree recycling sites were opened on Wednesday 27 December 2017 and will run until Friday 12 January 2018.

Here’s the Christmas tree recycling point map

You can take your real Christmas tree to any of the points on the map and on the list below. You can also take trees to the green waste recycling section at one of the city’s recycling centres throughout the year.

These sites are for real Christmas trees only. You can recycle your other green waste by signing up for the council’s garden waste collectionshome composting or taking it to one of our recycling centres for composting. Any fake trees or other waste items can also be taken to the recycling centres for recycling or safe disposal.

The trees will be taken to a composting facility to be composted along with all of the other garden waste from the recycling centres. This goes through a composting process and turned into a soil conditioner, which is then bagged and sold. You can buy this soil conditioner – called ‘Pro Grow’ – from any of our recycling centres.

Should you need to report a problem with the Christmas tree recycling sites, please do so through our online report form

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