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| November 16, 2018

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There’s a Secret Cinema Popping Up This Weekend in Brighton!

There’s a Secret Cinema Popping Up This Weekend in Brighton!
Georgia Kolakowski

White Wall Cinema are bringing their pop-up cinema project to Proud Cabaret this Sunday (29th April) for their secret movie club. White Wall Cinema screen unusual cult classics to people in intimate and unexpected locations across the city. They take a film you probably have not seen before and keep it top-secret until the opening credits begin to roll. Their past events have garnered wonderful feedback from everyone that took part. This edition, entitled ‘Prohibition Soda Pop’, has been described by the group as a “beautiful piece of filmmaking with fantastic cinematography, and one of the most astonishing lead actress performances of all time…it’s a forgotten classic which will charm you right from the off.”.

Their ethos lays in the concept of cinema being available anywhere and at anytime. They detail a long story of their inspiration but simply put their name and manifesto come from the 1976 film ‘Kings Of The Road (In The Course Of Time)’ which tells the tale of a travelling projector repair man visiting small cinemas in post-war Germany. White Wall say that the quote which inspired them was “film is the art of seeing” my father said. That’s why I can’t show these films, which are… mere exploitation of all that can be exploited in human heads & eyes. I won’t be forced to show films where people stagger out stunned and rigid with stupidity, that kill any joy of life inside them and destroy any feeling for themselves and the world.” They detail that they want to change cinema from film culture being “centred around mass release hype movies like The Avengers, or 50 Shades of Grey.” They say in their manifesto “we want you to come and share a white wall with us… although we don’t use generally use a white wall, we have screens… but whatever, you get the (moving) picture.”

You can become a member of the White Wall Cinema community for free. By signing up you will have access to where and when the events are happening before everyone else does! A lot of their screenings have been free but this one will be £6 just to cover the event costs. It’s from 6:30-9:30pm on Sunday evening so a perfect way to end the week in the surroundings of the beautiful Proud Brighton Ballroom.

So what could it be? Find clues here on their event page!

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