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| November 17, 2018

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Would You Rather.. Have a Pause Button OR a Rewind Button For Your Life?

Would You Rather.. Have a Pause Button OR a Rewind Button For Your Life?
Hannah Molnar

Lily, 16 answered: “I think a pause button… Because i feel like there’s no point in thinking about the past too much. Obviously enjoy your memories but in thinking about the past too much you’ll find yourself regretting stuff that there’s no point in regretting. Where as if you can pause life, you can just have a little break now and then and have more time to do things.”


Izzy, 20 answered: “Pause… So then when there are moments which you don’t want to end, you can make them go on forever. And I’m quite slow at everything which means I’m always annoying everyone, so it would be nice if I could just pause people for a minute so I can finish thinking and getting myself ready to answer them. And I could sleep loads and always be well rested. I don’t think people should rewind, I don’t think It’s not good for you. If you want to re-live something, then you’ll just have to keep remembering it and re-experience it through your memories.”


Andrea, 18 answered: “I’d have a pause button, definitely. Because that way, when something really good is happening you can just stop and live in that moment for the rest of your life. Where as, if you go back… I’m no scientist or anything, but I’m pretty sure It would mess up time and just everything. You’d never have to worry about deadlines with a pause button either or anything like that. Less stress!”


Annika, 30 answered: “A rewind button… To be able to just go back and undo any silly mistakes. It’s a good option to have a pause button and be able to sleep whenever and always be on top form but I think I’d still go for the ability to rewind.”

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