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Brighton Journal | 21st November 2019

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You Can Always Find Colour in Brighton!

You Can Always Find Colour in Brighton!
Hannah Midgley

Cozy, stylish, fancy or smart – what People in Brighton wear!

Veronica (1)

This is Veronica, 19, from Worthing. Today’s outfit she got from second-hand shops. “I don’t really have a favourite Store. I like different Stores and different Clothes”



Frank, 26, from London. She visited Brighton for a day with her friend. She often gets her clothes from her favourite shops like Topshop and Asos. When she visits Brighton she likes to go to the Charity Shop “Snoopers Paradise” in the North Laine. “There are so many beautiful things there and it’s nice to look around in the shop”.

Frank’s message to the world: “be yourself”.

olivia (2)

Olivia, 15, from Brighton. Her outfit is from the vintage “To be worn again”. She often gets her clothes from the Vintage shops in the Lanes and her favourite one is “All About Aud”.

Phoebe (2)

Phoebe, 20, from Brighton. She was with a friend from Norway in the North Laine. She likes shopping in Topshop but she also does a lot of online shopping. She likes Brighton because it’s a colourful city.

Stef (2)

Stef, 31, was at Churchill Square on her way to a Gotham theme night. She usually goes shopping in the Lanes but she also likes H&M. She likes the fact that you can be creative and wear anything you like in this lovely city.

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