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Brighton Journal | 26th January 2020

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“We are the last generation who can stop climate change – and we will!”

Hannah Midgley

Thousands of students of all ages skipped school to demonstrate against climate change for the second march organised by Youth Strike 4 Climate.

The students met at Churchill Square at 11 and marched from there up Queens Road towards the Level, where talks were being held from 12.

Kids from as young as 7 spoke in front of a large crowd to express their discontent with our current politicians and their concerns for the future of our planet.

Two teenage girls have spoken against all the people that have been accusing the students of using the demonstration as an pretext for skipping school and enjoy an extra day off.

People said it was just an excuse to bunk off, but I know that it is important that I come here today, and I thank you all for proving that it is important and that you care. Yes, I need an education, but I also need a planet to live on to use it!

They say that we just came here to have a day off school, but it’s not true! We know that they are doing that to belittle our opinion and keep the money in their pockets – well that is not on! We need change now, so that our kids can live, and their kids can live too.

Other students expressed their discontent with our current politicians, who have been ignoring the problem and are still not doing anything to solve it.

Climate change affects people in poverty, and poverty disproportionately affects women. Climate action is a feminist issue, it’s a class issue!

I’m only 14 years old but I know that climate change is going to ruin our world. These politicians, these people who have been given power, why do they have the right to be in charge of us? What have they qualified for?

Make sure that you tell your friends and your family about this and to do something, so that we can lower our carbon emissions around the country, and we can pressure our politicians to do something about it.

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