Brighton Bin Collection Misses Targets as Thousands are Uncollected

A new report has revealed a huge problem with bin collections in Brighton. Collection numbers have fallen well short of expectations, sparking criticism towards the Brighton and Hove City Council.

The statistics are certainly damning. There was an average of around 79 of every 100,000 refuse collections missed, with the target set by the council standing at just 46. Recycling saw an average of 175 missed for every 100,000.

This has totalled up into the thousands, with 3770 alone missed in the first half of this year.

Cityclean workers have been keen to explain why these issues have arisen. There have been many instances of blocked roads:

Further issues like fly-tipping have also frustrated the company’s workers:

They also have seen a large reduction in their budget, totalling a fall of over a million in the last 3 years. The Argus also reported last month that the company’s new lorries struggled in the recent blistering heat.

Concerns have subsequently been sparked in the local community, with worries as to how and when the matter will be addressed.

However, councillor Gill Mitchell has expressed that they will be looking to amend the issues: “We have set in motion a series of fundamental changes to address these issues.”

She eased concerns, letting locals know that they can “expect improvement in future.”

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