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Brighton Journal | 25th January 2020

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Will Brighton and Hove be car free by 2023?

17th January 2020 |

A proposal for a car free city centre by 2023 in Brighton and Hove made by Amy Heley, Green Party Councillor for Preston Park, will be debated and voted on this month.

On January 21, Brighton & Hove City Council … Read More

Budget crisis looms as schools struggle to fill classes

14th January 2020 |

Greens have called on the Labour Council to make long term plans in preparation for the looming school funding crisis.

The council has estimated that in September 2022, there will be 600 unfilled reception class places if there is no … Read More

Investment in local youth services critical for young people, say Greens

14th January 2020 |

The will be a review of the funding for youth services in Brighton, which will examine the current £384,000 provided by the council. It will also explore the potential for a new ‘Central Youth Hub’.

This review was called by … Read More

Artist of the Week: Solange Leon Iriarte

13th January 2020 |

This week Brighton Journal spoke to Sussex-based artist, Solange Leon Iriarte. Solange explores the rhythms of cityscape and landscape in her energising mixed media work. We discussed many things during our discussion including her ‘Sway’ installation which concerns migration and … Read More

New year, new you? Here’s Revitalise

10th January 2020 |

It’s the first month of a new year and a new decade. All across our city, people are making New Year’s resolutions. Most will revolve around a healthier lifestyle, changing their intake of certain food and alcohol. Many of these … Read More

Ready to venture out again? Here’s the first place you should head to

8th January 2020 |

Amongst the lukewarm embers of the last decade, we told you about Cyan. Just over a month ago we attended the opening night of Brighton’s biggest and boldest new restaurant. The latest food and drink concept to sit at the … Read More