Brighton & Hove City Council Are Replacing Your Recycling Bins But Not Everyone Is Happy About It

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As some may know, Brighton and Hove City Council is currently in the process of replacing the city’s black, stackable recycling tubs in favour of more robust, black recycling bins.

The new wheelie bins can take up to 240 litres of recycled waste. The decision has come after a trial showed a marginal increase in recycling habits when the new bins were in place, however not everyone is happy with the decision…

More than 60,000 households are set to receive the changed recycling bins but for one street that has already received theirs, opinion is divided. The Hove residents have argued that the new bins simply create more obstacles, especially within flats. Others have referred to them as ugly as well as hazardous for the elderly and mothers with pushchairs.

However not everyone’s displeased with the new scheme, with some residents saying they’re more tidy and hold more recycling. Despite that, those residents do acknowledge they’re fine provided you have the space for them.

On the matter, a Brighton and Hove City Council spokeswoman has said, “We want to make it easy for everyone to recycle their household waste”. According to her, residents have the option of requesting a larger or smaller size.

For more information about the new wheelie bins, click here.

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