Far Away Or Just The Neighbouring Country? Where Brighonians Want To Spend Their Holidays!

With holiday season basically being just around the corner, it’s time to think about where and how we want to spend our precious summer vacation. We wanted to know what destinations Brightonians would love to go to if they had the choice! Exotic island paradise or camping somewhere in the South of France? Here is what they told us!


Anke answered: If I had the choice, then I would choose Spain. I really want to go to Andalusia because everyone keeps telling me how much they liked it when they went there. It’s supposed to get really hot there in summer, so that would be perfect to just spend the day relaxing at the beach.


Harriot answered: I would love to go to Florida and visit Disney World! I have been to Disney Land in Paris so many times and I love it. So, next step would be Florida especially as they have the Universal Studios theme park there as well.


Tom answered: Ausralia or New Zealand because it’s pretty much like the polar opposite to the UK and they have a totally different landscape down there. I really want to see the New Zealand countryside. I heard that the South Island is especially pretty!


Andra answered: It’s hard to think of where I still want to go because I have already been on a holiday twice this year but one destination I really want to go to sometime in the future is Brazil. Soaking up the culture, sunbathing… Rio de Janeiro would definitely be top of the list. The thing is just that it’s so far away so I need to get proper funding first.


Annabelle answered: I would love to go to the Bahamas because they are just so beautiful, or to Bali! There is a bay there called Seminyak and it just looks amazing in pictures!


Maha answered: Oh my god, there are so many places I want to go to! Thailand, Indonesia… Eating all sorts of different foods, do lots of sunbathing, experience different cultures… I am planning on taking a gap year to do all of it, to visit as many places as I can.

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