Humans of Brighton – Meet Kelly

For this week’s edition of Humans of Brighton, we met the gorgeous and hilarious Kelly, who loves nothing more than a trashy night out.

Hi Kelly! What drew you to Brighton?

My boyfriend – I came here for love! And Brighton seemed alright, so I thought why not.

What’s your  favourite thing about the city?

Everyone always seems to be drunk, it’s so fun! The people are so fun here.

I suppose that answers our next question too – what’s your favourite thing to do in Brighton?

Get pissed! I love going on a trashy night out – I love Boutique on West Street. I go, get my five cheap jagerbombs then leave. That’s what me and my mates always do!

Would you ever leave Brighton?

When I have kids I’ll move further out, I need a garden in my life, do you know what I mean?!

And what’s the one thing you’d change about the city?

The homeless situation – it’s so sad isn’t it.

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