Locals Lock Arms Around Brighton School to Defend Against Budget Cuts

Pupils, parents, teachers and carers came together today to protest against school funding cuts across the nation as part of the ‘Arms Around Our School’ campaign.

The devastating cuts mean that £6.9 billion will be removed from school budgets by the year 2020, causing funding to return to levels not seen since the 1950s.

St. Lukes primary school Headteacher Mr Jonathan Cooper claims that the consequences of this are teachers and support staff being lost, a narrowed curriculum, increased class sizes, and a lack of resources.

He stated, “It is time for us all to stand up and protect our children’s education. It is time for parents and carers to say enough is enough.”

Brighton citizens gathered at St. Lukes gathered today, physically locking arms and hands around the building in a symbolic protest that showed their determination to protect the future of the pupils.

Brighton excelled in their part of the national campaign as can be seen in the pictures below from St. Lukes, with a huge turn out filled with enthusiastic, vibrant protesters of all ages.

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