Sphinx Theatre Bring Women to the Forefront with ‘A Berlin Kabaret’ at Brighton Fringe 2018

Sphinx Theatre are one of the leading companies in promoting, advocating and inspiring women in theatre. This year they bring their production ‘A Berlin Kabaret’ to The Warren at Brighton Fringe 2018. Running from the 17th-20th May, the company have teamed up with Writing Brecht to bring their stunning and newly-developed production to life.

The last time Sphinx Theatre came to Brighton Fringe was in 2014 when they won both ‘The Brighton Fringe Festival Latest Awards’ and the ‘Argus Angel award for Artistic Excellence’. In their new production they bring Lady Gaga to Brecht in this “walk on the wild side of the twentieth century avant-garde”. ‘A Berlin Kabaret’ brings a fresh and vibrant approach to lyrical anti-war songs with four travellers rediscovering long lost gay rights anthems and American propaganda songs. Through their witty and rebellious numbers, they hope to capture the political turmoil of the Weimar Republic and reflect the personal and political dilemmas. The performance reflects the ongoing refugee crisis and the effects it has had on the fragmentation of society. In the search for sanctuary and solidarity the star performers touch on the themes of resistance, love and exile in the hope to remind its audience “those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it”.

‘Spinx Theatre’ was founded as ‘The Women’s Theatre Group’ in 1973 and have been a driving force in the industry encouraging women onto and behind the stage. With over 40 years of experience and a never-ending list of knock-out performances under their belt this is an exciting opportunity to see a tale of defiance in the face of fear. Tickets for the event are between £10-12 and are available to purchase online or in the Festival and Fringe box office outside Theatre Royal on New Road.

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