The Best Dressed People on The First Day of The Great Escape

As the sun comes out and the biggest and best new music festival descends upon Brighton, the snazzy outfits are in tow. We hit the streets of Brighton to find the best dressed festival goers and see who they’ve come down to see at The Great Escape this weekend!


Haley lives in Brighton and headed down to The Richmond pub to see local band Abattoir Blues.

Dommy also lives in Brighton and came down to spend some time in the sunshine and watch Abattoir Blues.

James is heading to the Echochamp showcase at The Western on Friday and Saturday. The event is free and they have free beer for everyone!

Georgie plays in Porridge Radio and ran ‘Fat Dog Party x Memorials of Distinction’ all-night gig last night. She played alongside Heirloom and Our Girl among others.

Lily went to the Gob Nation takeover at The Richmond. She came down to see all of the bands of the day but was there in support of local hardcore punk band Gutter Knife.

Lula is a regular at shows in Brighton. She came down with Lily to hang out in the sunshine and see what The Alternative Escape had to offer.

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