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Brighton Journal | June 24, 2019

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10 Tips For The Ultimate Hangover Day

10 Tips For The Ultimate Hangover Day
Hannah Midgley

Here in Brighton pretty much every night is a night out on the town, a club will be packed for that nights event, bars will be raging, pubs completely full, cinema fully book and theatre and comedy clubs brimming with people. It is so easy to get drunk and even easier to become hungover. If you are feeling the drain today from a mixture of tiredness and dehydration here a some things which unfortunately won’t make your hangover go away but it may make it slightly more bearable.

  1. Food – It is so important to eat on a hangover. I know it may feel like the last thing you want to do but trust me it’ll line your stomach and make you feel better. Even if you throw it up later. Ordering in is the best part of the day when I am hungover because it feels so naughty to just sit in bed and have food brought to you.
  2. Water and Paracetamol – Obvious ones but honestly you need to rehydrate, alcohol stops your body from absorbing water as well, and the paracetamol will help with that banging headache.
  3. Bed – Stay in bed, get all your home comforts snuggle up with with a blanket and don’t feel guilty about it.
  4. Relax – Your body needs to recover, so take it easy, don’t push your body. If you feel like doing nothing do nothing!
  5. Sleep – Chances are you haven’t slept much, take a nap, sleeping helps your body process the alcohol and will therefore recover quicker.
  6. Bath/Shower – There is nothing worse than waking up and feeling sticky, your makeup half on your face and just generally feeling a bit grubby. A shower or bath will help wake you up and get you feeling refreshed. But you can also turn it in to a little pamper session. Theres nothing better than relaxing in the bath watching Netflix, reading or listening to a podcast.
  7. Carbs – Yes we already spoke about food but I can never stop thinking about eating, well all the time. Carb up on hangover days to give you more energy and give your body more substance.
  8. Be tender – Your emotions may be a little out of whack and you may feel fragile so give yourself a break, have a cry and don’t be too harsh on yourself! You deserved a night out.
  9. You need to rebalance and replenish your body with electrolytes. Try a sports drinks or if you can’t get hold of that squash will do as it has a good amount of salt and sugar.
  10. NO MORE – Please don’t drink more alcohol. Thats all.

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