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| November 20, 2018

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Be Brightonian

Be Brightonian
  • On October 25, 2015

image1 (2)  This is Charlotte (23) who’s originally from Ireland. She lives in Brighton because of her studies.  She achieved a masters in GIS and environmental management. Loves Brighton because of how people friendly and welcoming it is.

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On the left we have Patricia (32). Hailing from Brazil, Patricia loves Brighton because of our Music and Art scene’s and the fact you can walk almost everywhere. On the right is Sammy (29) and originates from Bognor Regis. He moved to Brighton from his studies in Southampton because all of his mates were here and he thought ‘why not’. He loves Brighton because of its community spirit. He also loves the night life, the fact there’s always something on and everything is 24 hours.

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This is Amy (29) originally from Surrey, Amy moved here as her Mum grew up here and she has so many fond memories.
She lives in Brighton studying social work. She loves Brighton became of its diversity and because it’s smaller than your average city. It’s more tight knit.

Here we have Steve (32) from Guildford. He’d wanted to live here for ages and as his girlfriend lived here it was a no brainer. He is a magician by trade and loves Brighton because of its vibrance. It’s alive with amazing people. It’s got a soul!

This is Serena (21). She hails from Milton Keynes and moved to Brighton to study. She loves Brighton because of its music scene and the opportunity to perform nearly every night. You can be yourself completely and dress exactly how you want because nobody will bat an eyelid. It’s a vibrant and beautiful city to explore.

By Lucy Evers

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