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| May 20, 2019

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Brighton’s chances to stay in the division: Can they do it?

Brighton’s chances to stay in the division: Can they do it?

Clouds of uncertainty hover atop 7 teams to stay in the division with 10 points separating the extremities. At the safer summit lie The Cherries with 38 points whilst the glimpses of championship days might have started to haunt the dreams of the newly promoted Cardiff team.

Aanything could happen at this point. Previews and predictions are fine, but you could never be one-hundred per cent certain about the outcome of a football game – take this game for example. But let’s talk about another dimension of the game that has gone through quite a meltdown, the betting world. Apparently, everybody wants a bet365 bonus codes (for obvious reasons).

Different battles are being contested at different parts of the table have as they have sauced the betting marketing in more ways than one can think. Bets aren’t constrained to the top scorer in the league or the title winners. Starting from the top 4, if you look at the odds, you can’t really bet your money on a team and sit in peace. 

We have two clubs that are competing for the league title, 4 battling for 2 Champions League spots and 10 teams doing everything they can to stay in the division with 2 of them likely to turn their heads to the Championship. If we look at the bottom clubs, it seems like bookmakers fancy the chances of Brighton and Southampton to escape the relegation zone by the end of the season. As the bookmakers at Betfair offer 17/1 odds for Brighton’s relegation while the odds for Southampton’s relegation at Sportingbet are 33/1—you can see where this is going. Could it get more exciting?

Where does Brighton stand at this point?

It’s safe to say that the season didn’t really go as per the plan of Chris Hughton, but nevertheless, they’re three points clear from the danger with the one game in their fists being the anchor of the much-needed faith. They’re separated from the danger zone by two teams, Southampton and Burnley, with 33 points each—with the luxury having played fewer fixtures. Above them lie Newcastle United, with a mere 2-point deficit. Brighton though, stand in a stronger position, having played one two games less.

Yes, having some games in the hand clearly puts Brighton in a safer position. One win and they’d climb a place up in the table, farther away from the relegation zone.

Near about six to eight games remain for all the teams and while the fight looks almost over for Fulham and Huddersfield, let’s take a look at the remaining games of the all the teams in danger and see how good Brighton’s chances are to stay in the top-flight.

Cardiff City: Manchester City, Burnley, Brighton, Liverpool, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Manchester United

Fixtures don’t really favour Cardiff at this point. While the games against Man City, Man United and Liverpool seem nearly impossible to win, they only have 4 games to realistically salvage something from the season. Since Burnley and Fulham are the weakest opponents amongst all, Crystal Palace and Brighton would surely cause problems.

Considering how they’ve played so far; our prediction would be that they’d end up with near about 5-7 points from these games and would finish the season with 33-34 points.

Burnley FC: Bournemouth, Cardiff City, Chelsea, Man City, Everton, Arsenal.

Arguably, the worst fixtures amongst all the teams that are under the danger. Even if we rule out the Big 6 from the equation, they still only have one game where they could be certain about a win. Everton and Bournemouth are both threatening teams and the most we could expect from these games would be a sum of a point or two. So, we could expect them to get 3-4 points from their remaining games and finish the season with 36-37 points as well.

Southampton: Liverpool, Wolves, Newcastle, Watford, Bournemouth, West Ham, Huddersfield

They can’t ask for a better run of fixtures. Out of all the games that remain, they only have one game against the Big 6 and it’s safe to say that they’d comfortably get their heads out of the water by the end. Beating Huddersfield doesn’t sound like a difficult thing and could win at least two games out of the remaining fixtures. So, they look well above the danger as we believe they could get around 8-10 points from these games; finishing the season with near about 41-43 points.

Brighton: Chelsea, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Wolves, Spurs, Newcastle, Arsenal, Man City

Although the games against Man City, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea might make the heads fall for the Albion fans, the games in hand and the league position of their club could favour their chances. As the Magpies sit two points yonder, if Chris Hughton manages to beat at least 2 of their opponents in these fixtures, they’d probably be well safe. Not to mention, it is pretty realistic to expect two wins. Beating Cardiff doesn’t sound like a cumbersome job and Newcastle game could have any result as both teams are evenly matched. Talking about the games against Wolves and Bournemouth, least we could expect is a draw from each of these games—or maybe another surprise against the Gunners would be icing on the cake. So, it seems fair to expect 6-10 pointsfrom thesefixtures. So, by this calculation, they’d end up with a point total of 39-43 points—a much-much secure position to finish this campaign.

So, after all the analysis of the fixtures and the predictions based on the current forms and past record of the teams, Brighton does have a very fair shot of staying in the Premier League.

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