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Brighton Journal | September 16, 2019

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Humans of Brighton – Damian Cycles Everywhere!

Humans of Brighton – Damian Cycles Everywhere!
Hannah Midgley

Bumping into Damian Ratcliffe in Queen’s Park was pure luck. He was here this morning teaching an exercise class and forgot his exercise bands so came by later to collect them. He decided to sit in the sun here instead of on the beach due to the slight breeze and that’s when we caught him. He recently turned 33 and partied with about 3 to 4 million gays in Madrid so we are sure he appreciates this down time in the park. We spoke about his lifestyle in Brighton.

Have you always lived in Brighton? 

I came to brighton when I was 17. I saw my first tranny walking up the street and living in the village that I am from. I thought if I can survive here in brighton, you know if they can survive here I definitely will. Yeah I love it. I moved within that next month moved outta home and have been here ever since.

What is your favourite part of the city? 

I love being by the beach really. Like most people I think, you go to London fine its great for work but it’s just too busy, too stressful whereas brighton is a bit more free and easy.

I saw you cycled here, do you cycle a lot?

I cycle everywhere! I don’t drive, I have a license but don’t need it in Brighton do you!

Do you have any other hobbies?

Well I teach classes, so I guess learing choreography for that. Music, I like going out dancing on the weekend.

What classes do you teach?

Body pump, body combat, spinning, HIIT Training. I’m quite physically active. I’m a personal trainer/fitness instructor. Yeah, since the age of 17 again. Even before that I had decided, like when we had PE at school, we had the option one time to get a fitness instructor in. We had one come in, we had to pay a few quid but that was fine, and I just loved what they were doing and I could keep up and I kinda spoke to the instructor afterwards and she said yeah you should enrol. I thought I like dancing, I like music, so I reckon I could’ve done drama or do what im doing now.

If you had one message for humanity what would it be?

Be kind to one another and treat each other with respect as you’d like to be treated yourself. Look after yourself stay physically active, you’ve only got one body so put goodness into it and make the most of it.

Damian told me, although he isn’t vegan he uses a lot of vegan based food supplements from Arbonne, this combined with his active lifestyle confirms that he definitely practices what he preaches. Find out more about him on his Instagram. 


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