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| May 20, 2019

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Krater Comedy Night Experience

Krater Comedy Night Experience
Emily Stoner

On Sunday the 10th of September, I visited the Komedia for the first time!

Going down into the basement, the smell of food and buzz of people was like no other. We were seating in the middle of the room which to my surprise was a blessing in disguise.

Unless you want to be part of the show don’t sit at the front you will be harassed by the comedians!

The presenter came on and picked on audience members improvising jokes and chatting extremely quickly. He was energetic and confident and it made for a perfect introduction to live comedy.

I always imagined it would be an awkward and uncomfortable experience which I can imagine it to be if it was less of a lively crowd.

Everyone was happily ready to get involved cheering and jeering when appropriate and respecting the rules of phones off or on silent and no shouting whilst the acts are on stage.

I was impressed with the first act mostly, his humour was at his own detriment and felt familiar and comfortable. Almost like he was telling a story.

His name was Hari Sriskantha, and of course his first joke was at the expense of his hard to pronounce last name.

The other comedians were just as good but he was certainly my favourite.

The Krater Comedy Club takes place every weekend, it is 18+ and tickets sell out fast if you’d like to visit this weekend check out the line up here.



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