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Brighton Journal | July 21, 2019

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“Bad Painting” Auction Was An Unanticipated Success

“Bad Painting” Auction Was An Unanticipated Success
Hannah Midgley

On the 9th of January, the University of Brighton’s 2nd year Fine Art Painting students have taken over the local pub “The Foundry” to host their fundraising event. The event featured an auction in which the students’ alleged “bad paintings” were sold. We spoke to one of the organisers of the fundraiser and local artist Charlotte Guerard about it.

What was the concept for the event?

The event itself started as a mean to raise money for the catalogue for the 2nd year Fine Art Painting show at Brighton University, which will take place on the 1st of February in Grande Parade Gallery. The concept was to gather and auction some of our “bad paintings”, with the starting price at 1£ for each of them. The idea was to reach students from different courses and give them the opportunity to purchase some of our paintings. Moreover, even though some of us have already sold work and have been featured in galleries and competitions (one of us is even having his first solo show in Brighton this Friday! *); for the most of us, including myself, this was the first experience of showing our work outside the university walls.

Was the event successful and if so what will the money that was raised used for?

I could’ve hardly imagined the event going any better. The place was packed and as the auction was about to start, two of the painters introduced the work and the audience went mad with excitement! Overall, we collected around £600 from the auction alone with the highest price reaching £52! Since the money raised was more than enough to reach our goal, we decided as a group to use the money to put on more shows in the future. This way we can get to introduce our work to the Brighton community, and maybe beyond!

What was the most exciting part of the night in your opinion?

I mean, the global turnout was incredible. Being surrounded by many bright, passionate and creative minds opens up to endless conversations and exchanges about art and all kinds of subjects. The auction was really at the heart of the evening. The pieces auctioned were meant to be “bad paintings”, however, clearly none of them were “bad” as people were genuinely screaming for them! To be honest, it’s all very exciting really when you work hard to achieve what you’re absolutely passionate about, the reward is amazing. On top of this, the event was a chance for a boogie!

Some of the pieces that were sold at the auction

*University of Brighton student Elliot Nehra will host his first solo show “A Hermit’s Wonderland” from the 18th of January to the 12th of February at Coachwerks, 19a Hollingdean Terrace.

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