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| November 18, 2018

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Spectators, Events & Ticket Sales! Brighton Fringe 2017 Breaks Records!

Spectators, Events & Ticket Sales! Brighton Fringe 2017 Breaks Records!
Laura Bohrer
  • On June 29, 2017

It’s been a month since this year’s Fringe came to an end with a final party at The Warren. Looking back, organizers are proud to say that the Brighton Fringe 2017 has seen more than one record of the past years broken and confirmed the festival’s reputation of being England’s Largest Arts Festival.

With more than 1,000 events announced, the 2017 Fringe was said to break the record set in previous years straight from the beginning. But as figures now reveal, this isn’t the only number that has risen higher than ever before.

555,518 people have attended the all-up 4,601 performances, plus another 110,000 who have stopped by at Fringe City or taken part in the Fringe Family Picnics. Never has the Brighton Fringe seen so many spectators before.

“I’m delighted to see the continued appeal of Brighton Fringe to the general public and artists alike. It is a humbling experience to see the sheer scale of work that goes into it from all those involved, at every level, and I can’t thank you enough. It is a very precarious landscape in the arts and the triumph of an event such as Brighton Fringe does well to provide a vital, open platform for everyone,” said Julian Caddy.

The Managing Director also pointed to the fact that events such as the Fringe largely depend on the support of the local community and promised that plannings for 2018 were already underway.

And with a record-breaking number of spectators comes a record-breaking sum of money made with the ticket sales which scored up to £2.1 million. In total, the Fringe is estimated to have contributed more than £15.8 million to the local economy.

Brighton Fringe 2018 will run from 4 May until 3 June. Participants can start to register in between the 9th of October 2017 and the 19th of January 2018.

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