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| November 16, 2018

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Swishing – The Next Big Thing

Swishing – The Next Big Thing
  • On October 17, 2015

You may or may not know but our sweet little city is a pretty huge fashion centre. I was lucky enough to steal a couple moments of Rags Revival creator Laura Jordan’s time. She was holding an event as part of BFW at The Open Market. Her aim is to show people that throwing away clothes is a waste of good material. We should recycle and revive our wardrobes by ‘Swishing’.


So, Laura, for the people who don’t know, what is Swishing? 
“Swishing is when you bring preloved clothes that have been at the back of your wardrobe to swish, instead of them being taken to landfill or just thrown away. Normally it would be a fiver but today we are raising awareness for cancer research.”
How did you get involved with Swishing? 
“I watched Kirsty Allsops “How to live for less”. My husband said I’d be good at creating something like that. So I did.”
Why is your event different to others? 
“I had seen other Swishes before. Rage Revival it’s different because normally at Swishes everyone brings 10 items and they wait while their put on rails. Then a whistle is blown and everyone rushes in. (A bit like supermarket sweep)
Our event is leisurely with a glass of wine and you can take as long as you want because there are already clothes on the rails. I have some loyal swishers that have been coming for a while now. We have changed location so many times because it just didn’t work. Now we are at the Fair Shop on Queens Road. I’d moved around from my first swish at the quadrant. I’ve been at the Globe and the Freemasons, started to slowly moe to places with more windows and light because people were trying to swish in the globes basement. Then I got lights but they were hotter than the sun. Etta a regular of my swishes worked at the fair shop and got me in there. Fair just really fits with the message, it connects with the message of recycling and being an ethical and conscious shopper.”
Why is fashion so important in Brighton do you think? 
“The thing I love about Brighton is that it’s so relaxed and not judgemental at all. You have the freedom to mix it up, mixing high street and vintage and I love that. Nothing shocks anyone in Brighton you’re totally free to express yourself. The thing with Swishing is people take more risks, they become more daring and if it doesn’t work or fit their just bring it back to the next event because it’s only a fiver. Brighton is just so vast and versatile. We have the Laines, live music, the beach we have everything. That influences the fashion.”
Laura was such a delight to talk to and she showed how fashion can be sustainable and mixing up your idea of what you like. It makes you more confident with your own figure and makes you understand your own figure a lot better. Brighton is such a strong influence to the eclectic fashion that comes here. It’s almost endearing.  Rafa Revival have another Swishing event on the 16th of November at Fair Shop on Queens Road, Brighton.
Find them on Facebook .
Photographes by Lucy Evers

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