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| January 16, 2019

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The Bad Book Project

The Bad Book Project
Holly Martin

Jane Postlethwaite is a Brighton based comedian, writer and actor. She was a Funny Women Awards Finalist in 2015 and a Brighton Comedy Festival Squawker Award Finalist. She also hosts the most unique comedy show in Brighton. The Bad Book Project brings together a mixture of comedians and an offering of a reading from very bad books. Jane has been a fan of bad books for years, mostly consisting of celebrity autobiographies, and she told Brighton Style Mag “I used to read them to my friends an always wanted to do a night, this year I got myself organised and arranged it. Reading from bad books is not a new idea…the nights that have inspired me are the American nights called ‘Moth’ which is storytelling and ‘Celebrity Autobiography’ where celebrities read form other celebrities autobiographies”.

So who reads you the books? “These people are comedians, writers, DJ’s, musicians, actors and generally funny people” Jane continued. For the November edition of the show, the audience were treated to readings from Julie Jepson, Simon Plotkin, Peter Strong and Rebecca Turner as well as others. The audience then decide which is the best bad book, and the winner wins a rubbish prize. She told Brighton Style Mag that her highlights have been ‘the Peter Andre autobiography, Beryl Reid cat book and the alternative version of the snowman’.

The night began in July this year and Jane says that “we already have a loyal fan base. We fill the room at each event!”. The event takes place at the Marwood Coffee Shop & Studios at 52 Ship Street in Brighton. The next event will be held on Saturday 13th February, the perfect date night for Valentines Day! Did we also mention the night is free? You can listen to past shows here, and you can find out more about the events on Jane’s Facebook page.

Holly Martin

All images belong to Jane Postlethwaite

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