“Everything In My Life Started To Change, And It Changed Quickly”

Aleksandra Wrzos is an inspiring young woman who has made a career out of helping others experience success and fulfilment in their lives. She claims there’s no secret to success and everyone can have it just by following a simple step by step plan. What’s your story Alex, what took you to Brighton? I was born and raised in Poland. From a very early age I had a need of exploring everything; my neighbourhood, different sports and outdoor activities then at the age of 19, wanted to explore the world. Went to the USA and lived there for four years. I had a great time and met many interesting people, however, there was something at the back of my mind telling me that I needed to go back to Europe to finish my degree and be closer to my family. So, I decided to come to the UK and chose Brighton literally with my finger on the map, as it was by the sea, and I’ve always wanted to live by the sea. I fell in love with Brighton from the first moment. After graduating from Brighton University, I got a job at a bank and continued my career in finance. … Continue reading “Everything In My Life Started To Change, And It Changed Quickly”