May 22, 2024

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Javier Mille criticizes countries that do not support Israel: “I see indifference in some and fear in others”

Javier Mille criticizes countries that do not support Israel: “I see indifference in some and fear in others”
The president questioned “the rest of the leaders of the free world” for not coming out firmly against the Hamas attack.

The president visited after witnessing a lengthy event commemorating victims of the Holocaust and Hamas terrorism Javier M He took to the stage of the Symphony Hall of the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK) this Wednesday night and, in Hebrew, prayed for the souls of all of them, and then demanded the release of those still abducted in the Gaza Strip.

The national leader was the last speaker at an event organized by DAIA, the political arm of the Jewish community in Argentina, and the Holocaust Museum. April 19, 1943.

In this context, the head of state affirmed his cooperation with Israel and questioned it in strong terms. Leaders of the Free WorldEspecially for the big countries that are supposed to be the pillars of freedom in the world.”

“I look at them and see indifference in some and fear in others to stand by the truth. “Today the world is at peace with the suffering of over 100 abductees, eight of whom are Argentine,” he noted.

In this sense, Milei warned, “both intolerant Islamic bigotry and anti-Semitism are resurgent in their different versions” but many countries do not condemn it “with the blunt condemnation and concrete action they demand, but with discomfort and ambiguous gestures.”

“When the world is silent, we have an obligation to speak out, because the silence of the good allows the savagery of the bad. And speaking up, looking straight, not turning a blind eye, even if it’s hard for many, is the only way to make sure the Shoah doesn’t happen again,” he said.

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The chancellor was among the audience Diana MondinoThe president of Casa Rosada listened attentively as Argentina announced that it would lead the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), an organization that brings together governments and experts to strengthen, develop and promote education, remembrance and research. All over the world about genocide during Nazism.

After 7:00 PM, Miley arrived at the building with the head of DAIA. George KnoblowitzAnd hugged some people in the front row of the arena and went to pet the bomb squad dogs.

Tributes were paid at C.C.K

In fact, the clearest example of the danger that anti-Semitism still poses is not only the interior of the security protocol room, but also the surroundings of the CCK – which will soon be renamed the Palacio Libertad by decision. Of the government – , the police removed all the trash cans from the street and the large container at the entrance, leaving only the basement, as can be seen in other parts of the city of Buenos Aires.

“What happened is not Israel’s problem. First, 21 Argentines were killed by Hamas on that tragic day. “And 20 Argentines were kidnapped, and today, seven months after the attack, there are at least eight comrades, among whom we still do not know if they are still among us or if they have gone to another life,” said the Head of State, referring to the attacks in the Gaza Strip last October 7.

With a broken voice, Miley began her speech by offering condolences to her family Lear RudoffThe 61-year-old, who was recently confirmed as another victim of the attack, said, “When there is a war between good and evil, freedom and oppression, civilization and barbarism, taking sides is not an option, among other things, but a moral obligation.”

The President was the last speaker of the event

In conclusion, the national leader recalled that “Argentina is a historic friend of the Jewish people”, “the first country in the region to recognize the existence of the State of Israel”, and currently the “largest Jewish” community in Latin America and the tenth largest in the world.

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“We have suffered cowardly attacks by the Iranian government, not only for the Argentine Jewish community, but also for the Argentine people. “All these facts are beginning to be clarified after three decades, thanks to the efforts and persistence of truth-seekers,” he highlighted in reference to a recent ruling by the Federal Court of Criminal Cassation. The March 1992 bombing of Israel’s embassy and the July 18, 1994 bombing of the AMIA headquarters, the Islamic Republic’s “political and responded to strategic design”.

The president’s participation in this event by DAIA and the Holocaust Museum is another sign of reconciliation on the part of the libertarian, not only to the Jewish world, but also to Israel, his second official post as president. House pink.