Brighton’s Anti-Bullying Charity Announces 2017 Findings

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Ditch The Label surveyed over 10,000 young people between the ages of 12-20 across the UK.

In Part 1 of the report looked at the climate of bullying. With over half of respondents saying they have been bullied at some point. The highest ranked perceived motive for being bullied is attitudes towards the victims appearance.

Part 2 focused on cyberbullying and the impact technology is having on the lives of young people. The Survey found that 69% have done something abusive to another person online.

The majority of these young people think that social networks don’t do enough to prevent cyber bullying and 68% of them reported that they had been sent a nasty message online.

The anti-bullying charity found that the the biggest impact bullying (online or offline) had on young people was social anxiety.

This years survey has made recommendations to parents/guardians, educators, policy makers completely digital, for this information and more visit there website here.



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