May 19, 2024

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Rumor: 'Switch 2' will reportedly feature magnetic Joy-Cons

Rumor: 'Switch 2' will reportedly feature magnetic Joy-Cons
Image: Zion Grassle/Nintendo Life

According to a new report from a Spanish outlet vandal (Thanks, VGC), the Switch's upcoming successor — dubbed “Switch 2” — will do away with the rail system of current Joy-Con controllers and replace it with a magnetic setup.

As such, it is not known whether existing Joy-Con controllers will actually work with the new system, as reports indicate that the new controller will be larger than current models, but it is also claimed that the Switch Pro controller will work just fine.

Vandal claims to have received this information from several accessory manufacturers who have reportedly seen and touched Nintendo's new console. Although we still recommend taking this with a large pinch of salt, it's also worth noting that the same site was You stated correctly On the features that will be included with the Switch OLED based on advice from accessory manufacturers, including a new kickstand and an Ethernet port.

While the Switch 2 was supposed to launch sometime in 2024, it now seems increasingly likely that we'll see the console in 2025. This is said to be due to Nintendo prioritizing a strong launch lineup for the system along with ensuring sufficient stock. However, this does not rule out a reveal this year. Please Nintendo.

If it's real, we're definitely excited to see how the magnetic Joy-Cons will actually work with the head unit itself. It has to be powerful, of course, and we'll definitely miss that satisfying “click” you get with the current Switch.

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