David Browning Sentenced for ‘Utterly Callous’ Murder of Jillian Howell

As we have reported multiple times, David Browning has been found guilty of murdering Jillian Howell. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 28 years to be served.

As reported by news outlets present at the hearing, Judge Christine Laing QC made her statement as follows “Jillian Howell was a compassionate woman, a quality that cost her, her life. She took to listen to you and try to support you. Jillian Howell showed you understanding and compassion. I am quite satisfied that what led you to kill her was very ordinary emotions of desire, jealousy frustration and anger. I am also convinced you exaggerated the severity of symptoms to gain Jill’s attention.

“She did more than most people would to support you but it’s plain you wanted to be more special to her than that. As a result of your utterly callous actions many people have been terribly affected. The impact of Jillian’s loss on her family and friends is enormous. No sentence I could pass could ever compensate them for that. It’s ruined the lives of many people. All her family and friends have spoken very highly of her and the impact on them is unending. Not only have you shown no emotion about what you have done, you have shown little remorse other than for your own situation.”

“Jillian Howell was a much loved sister, aunt, cousin, niece and friend. She was highly skilled with a variety of interests including giving up her free time to counsel and care for those in distress. She was 46 when she was murdered by you in this savage act. This was a sustained attack and the terror and trauma of the final few minutes of her life was unimaginable. Not content to have inflicted those injuries you then defiled her body, writing the word bully on her forehead. That was a grotesque act. It allowed that word to be used in connection with her throughout trial when it was clear nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone listening to the evidence in this case would have heard Jillian Howell was a compassionate woman, a quality that cost her, her life.”

The trial was incredibly distressing for friends, family and members of the public to hear and it comes with great relief to a lot of people that he was found guilty of this crime. Jillian Howell was effectively murdered for being kind. You can take a look at our past articles on the case to find out more details but with this sentencing comes the end of our coverage.

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