Gifts for Men – Five Cool Gadgets this Winter

Boys love their toys, it’s a well-known fact. Okay, so the stereotype isn’t necessarily true in all cases, however the majority of us discover enjoyment through technology, setting free our imagination with the use of crazy inventions and the latest gizmos fresh on the market.

Admittedly, we’re not the most helpful in terms of saying what we want. Our eyes light up when new technology is upon us, however we’d rather watch our relatives sweat as they search for the perfect present. We act like we’re not bothered, but deep down we possess Christmas list’s longer than the River Nile.

Technology has rapidly advanced over the years and with it has followed our craving for the latest gadgets. Whether it’s the real life graphics on a Playstation or the time taken to complete a rubix cube, these toys provide us with competition and conversation, which are imperative components within our friendship circles.

With Christmas fast approaching, here are five gadgets to keep in mind over the Winter period:

SMART Breakfast Maker – £59.99

Fulfill all your breakfast needs with the SMART Breakfast Maker

Fulfill all your breakfast needs with the SMART Breakfast Maker Image from here

I know what you’re thinking, why has this gadget only just appeared in my life? This genius creation removes all the time-consuming hassle that comes with making a full English breakfast. No more juggling pans and making a mess, the SMART Breakfast Maker will take care of everything, from browning your toast to poaching your eggs, this machine will bring simplicity to your Sunday morning struggle. Boasting two slots for toast, the ability to boil 6 eggs or 3 poached and a grill for your sausage and bacon, the Breakfast Maker is a superb invention that catches attention and excites your taste buds.

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Minipresso – £49.99

Get all your caffeine needs from the Minipresso

Get all your caffeine needs from the Minipresso Image from here

Coffee is commonly the cure for early morning fatigue; however when you’re running late to work and can’t afford a sweeping visit to the local caffeine supplier, alarm bells can ring as a long day of work lies ahead. Well fear no more, as I introduce you to the working man’s morning saviour, the Minipresso. This handy creation makes life easier and allows you to make and drink great quality coffee on your travels. The portable espresso maker is made from lightweight stainless steel and holds the capacity for 70ml of water and 7g of coffee, providing enough caffeine to boost your mental capability throughout the day.

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iBobber Castable Bluetooth Fishfinder – £99.99

iBobber can locate fish to make your life easier

iBobber can locate fish to make your life easier Image from here

This gadget isn’t going to be for everyone but if you love a good catch, the iBobber is a brilliant accessory that will bring another dimension to your strategic fishing antics. Syncing to your smartphone/tablet, this tactical creation shows up the location of surrounding fish, identifying where to target in search of that record catch. The iBobber has a sonar reach of 135ft, with a strong Bluetooth connection of up to 100ft that sends a graphic map to your device of what’s below the water. A handful of other features allow you to share your experience across social media, with this gadget providing another weapon inside the fisherman’s toolbox.

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PowerUp 3.0 – Smartphone Controlled Paper Aeroplane – £39.99

PowerUp 3.0 provides flying time of 25-30 mins on a full charge

PowerUp 3.0 provides flying time of 25-30 mins on a full charge

We’ve all made a paper aeroplane at some point throughout our lives; if you haven’t then I’m disappointingly surprised. Find that inner child and have some fun with this crazy invention. The PowerUp 3.0 takes away the short-lived enjoyment of a paper aeroplane, with an attachable engine that lengthens the flight time, linking to an app on your phone which allows you full control of the journey your handcrafted aeroplane will take. This childhood pastime has been around for generations and with the added boost of technology, it can now be taken to the next level.

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Attache Record Player – £89.99

Record vinyl records onto USB with the Attache Record Player

Record vinyl records onto USB with the Attache Record Player

With Bluetooth speakers available in pretty much any shape, size or colour, this unique item appears authentic and will no doubt separate you from the crowd. The retro Attache Record Player is fantastic for those who appreciate vinyl records and with its capability to record straight onto a USB stick, this briefcase designed musical device is a refreshing addition to the existing options available on the market. With built-in powerful twin speakers, the gadget boasts fantastic sound quality and will supply all your musical needs.

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