Hove Man Dies After Tragically Falling From Top Floor Flat

Police do not believe that there were any suspicious circumstances.

Sussex Police have confirmed the death of a Hove resident.

A man, whose identity has not currently been revealed, fell from a top floor flat.

The event occurred at a block of flats in Hove, at Western Street, supposedly opposite Embassy Court.

His death was confirmed at 10:20pm on Tuesday night by Sussex Police.

They stated that: “At 5.46pm police and paramedics responded to a report of a man having fallen from his flat to the garden below.”

A large group of services fled to the scene, however, despite “the best efforts from emergency services the man died at the scene.”

It is unclear as to how or why the man fell, with no clear cut details revealed about the nature of the event.

Whether or not these details will be revealed at a future point is also unknown, with the reason for withholding the information not stated.

However, despite this ambiguity, Sussex Police have stated that: “This is now a matter for the coroner’s office. However it is not being treated as suspicious.”

The services have been commended for their quick response to the incident, with any speculation now seemingly over.

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