May 24, 2024

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At the reserved meeting, Caputo proposed a plan to businessmen so that the government could cut taxes

At the reserved meeting, Caputo proposed a plan to businessmen so that the government could cut taxes
In a pre-booked meeting, Caputo presented an idea to the businessmen so that the government could cut taxes

Minister Luis Caputo He personally met with a group of merchants, suggested that prices be reduced to sell more, and reaffirmed that the exchange rate would remain stable.

At the meeting, the participants spoke Infobay Under the condition of anonymity, despite the strong slowdown, this happened with positive exchanges and no complaints.

The organization was responsible for an organization that regularly held breakfasts and other meetings between businessmen and officials.

Important message from the Government Minister Javier M It was like that I have already said publicly, most prices were set on the assumption that the dollar would reach $2,000 if the then-libertarian presidential candidate won. And, as the president himself pointed out, even if the dollar has stabilized, prices have not fallen enough.

For this reason, the minister urged the businessmen present at the conference to reduce the prices to sell these values ​​where people cannot afford them (in an environment where real incomes are falling). If they do, they will be able to increase their sales and therefore, a virtuous circle of increased collections and greater speed in achieving the fiscal surplus pledged to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Therefore, in this context, although the government's primary objective is to balance the public accounts in order to reduce inflation, reducing taxes, as promised by President Mili, will be more feasible.

Inflation according to Econometrica

The minister, who returned from Washington a few hours ago and attended the spring meeting of the IMF and the World Bank, did not brief them on the possibility of receiving new funds from multilateral institutions or on possible negotiations with private banks. Get credit.

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However, there was a good mood among the participants because the official was ready to answer all the questions and encouraged them to invest in an environment of low inflation rate, as Miley did at the Lau forum. However, it is still at a very high level. In fact, Argentina ranks comfortably first in the world inflation rankings, above Venezuela and Lebanon and above the rest of Latin America.

The only doubt that wasn't addressed to Caputo was whether the stability of the dollar was here to stay or whether it was a temporary phenomenon and when they had to switch products, they wouldn't have to pay more. Higher than it is now, this happened several months ago when the true value of the North American currency was unknown. For businessmen, the approval of the Basic Law and the Financial Package will be a positive sign of stability.

In other conversations, he did not know what direction the new government would take, but he reaffirmed that economic policy would not guarantee a new strength. Depreciation. In the same way, the President himself has repeatedly denied that there is a situation for a delay in the exchange rate and has reaffirmed that there will be no depreciation, despite many experts to the contrary.

Milei is very close to being satisfied with the pace of price declines they indicated Infobay Core inflation – which does not take into account adjusted and seasonal prices – has been in single digits this month. In addition, some consultancy firms like ECO GO believe that general CPI is also likely to remain in single digits as food prices rose by 6% in the last month.

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According to the consulting firm Marina Tal Pochetto, In the third month of the month, “food increased by 1.4%, and after a week there were practically no variations.”

“Given this data and last week's 1.3% increase, inflation Domestic food consumption rose to 5.6% in April. If an increase in food consumption outside the home is recorded, food inflation will reach 5.3%,” he noted.

In this way, according to ECO GO, the general level forecast indicates that “inflation will be 9.1% month-on-month in April”. The forecast increase compared to the previous week is in response to the approval of the collective agreement for building managers, which covers the months from January to April. This number does not take into account the drop in prepaid prices. Meanwhile, Econometrica Ramiro Castinera Food inflation has reached 6.5 percent.