Hove Man Bites Officer After Harassing Police With Nuisance Calls

Credit: Sussex Police

A Hove man has been found guilty of breaching his Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) and also of assaulting a police officer.

51-year-old David Peapell, a resident at Dyke Road, had his trial at Lewes Crown Court on the 11th June. He was given an 11-week sentence on June 14th.

Peapell was approached by an officer after he had called police 21 times. He did this in the period between February 19th to May 9th 2018. His CBO meant that he could only call police in a genuine emergency.

However, Peapell instead harrassed police with nonsensical calls. According to Sussex Police:

“In one call, Peapell talked about the dark web and continued to ask what police were doing about it and in another he rambled on about social media, hate crime and was homophobic.”

After the officer, PC James Breeds, tried to apprehend Peapell at his Hove residence, he was assaulted. He bit the officer on his arm, leaving a clearly defined mark.

PC Breeds has spoken about the incident, clarifying the frustrating acts which led to the apprehension: “The number of calls in this case alone amounted to over an hour of call duration which would of meant longer waiting times for the public to get through on the non-emergency number.”

He also spoke of Peapell’s shocking actions: “When I went to detain Peapell, he became aggressive and bit me on the arm. I was only trying to do my job. The actions and behaviour of Peapell were totally unacceptable and the custodial sentence he received reflects this.”


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