Project Knockdown – Access to Music to be apart of Brighton Fringe

Access to Music Brighton foresees it’s closure coming closer and closer. The quirky residence of the music college faces its last days after its 14 years of important and creative education.


Creative media students and final students to pass it’s doors, will be showcasing their inventive and brilliant celebration of ATM Brighton as apart of Brighton Fringe festival this year. A showcase of short films, music videos and photography, interactive artworks to consider closure will be presented. As well as live music performances from previous students and immersive theatre works (experience being a student).

Creative Media students wish to express their dedication and enjoyment of the college so that it is remembered as apart of the community. They have got the rest of the college involved, music students, teachers and even previous students of the college to all come take part in this marvellous event.


Some of the creative media students taking part

Photography comp 2

Frankie Jones:I went to Access To Music and I’m glad I did because the teacher’s there are very welcoming and very approachable. I’ve made some really good friends and by going to Access to music I feel as though my confidence as grown as well’

Fern Bruce: ‘I love the fact that you can be as weird as you want and the only person that will judge you is occasionally a ginger kid drinking tea in the corridor. Other than the occasional judging look from a complete stranger, I could swing from the ceiling on a zebra printed cushion and no one would say anything’


Some of the creative media students taking part

avocon edit Nataliee


Zach Huntley:Great people, good college, amazing parties

Callum Tainio:Wicked place, great teachers, good times



FREE Admin, 6pm (drop in)

26th May 2017

Access to Music, Enterprise Point, Melbourne Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3LH


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