Will The Lectern Pub Be Transformed Into Student Homes?

Image via BBC

The Lectern pub on Lewes Road has been unused for a while, but now we may be seeing plans to transform the unusual property into nearly 200 student flats. Property developer, CKC Properties has submitted planning permission applications in the hope of providing 189 homes suitable for students in its place.

The old pub has been closed for two years now but developers will aim to use the space to house its students. Residents, however, have raised concerns about the potential development. Coombe Road chairwoman, Rebecca Barkaway, questioned the need for further student accommodation in the area, claiming it’s already heavily populated with students.

Development director of CKC Properties responded:

“Brighton will come under more pressure to provide proper living spaces for people…By providing more student accommodation in the area we are also freeing up more houses to be used by families that would perhaps have been rented to students.”

Also included in the plans for development is a shared community ‘hub’, shared student facilities and cycle storage for use by residents.

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