Will You Be Burning The Clocks Tonight? Here’s Everything You’ll Need To Know

Burning the Clocks is a unique community event, created by Same Sky, that brings the whole city together to mark the shortest day of the year.

Local people make their own paper and willow lanterns, using our kits, and after parading through the city, they pass them into a blazing bonfire on Brighton beach, as a token of the year’s end.

The parade leaves from New Road at 6.30pm and arrives at Madeira Drive at approximately 7.15pm, when lanterns are passed onto the bonfire and the fireshow begins. The event finishes at around 8pm.

The parade makes its way through North Street, Ship Street, East Street, onto the seafront and along to Madeira Drive for the finale. Please do not wait in New Road to watch the parade as this is our assembly zone for 1,500 participants and there is no space for audience.

The fireshow will take place on the beach with viewing from Madeira Drive and the Upper Terrace on Marine Parade. The finale will contain loud music and pyrotechnics.


If you would like to take part in the parade, please purchase a lantern kit which includes parade wristbands. Participants are asked to arrive promptly according the directions in the packs, to have their lanterns lit and be lined up safely.

There will be a designated viewing area for spectators who require disabled access. Please note this will be allocated on a first come first served basis. On arrival at Madeira Drive, ask a steward to direct you or follow the parade to the finale site gates.

“We politely ask you not to bring home-made lanterns to the event as they compromise safety. We are required to safety check every lantern. We also ask people not to bring Chinese sky lanterns or fireworks to the event.”

Burning the Clocks brings Brighton together to celebrate the winter solstice each year and has become a much loved tradition. Organisers called on locals to help them ignite Brighton with an outpouring of passion, fun and fireworks to wish goodbye to the old year and usher in the new with their famously unique celebration of community and togetherness!

Every year on 21st December, the winter solstice, organisers produce this much-loved event in Brighton. Burning the Clocks combines a beautiful lantern procession through the streets of Brighton, with a spectacular fire and fireworks show, bringing the whole city together to celebrate and reflect.

With arts funding becoming increasingly difficult to secure, organisers decided to start crowdfunding in order to support the event each year .

Whilst Same Sky is recognised by Brighton & Hove Council for the contribution they make to the city, and are therefore helped with their core costs, Burning the Clocks receives no guaranteed funding and so is reliant on crowd funding and the support of local business to make sure Burning the Clocks can go ahead each year.

This years crowdfunder campaign reached it’s target of £5,000 through donations by 99 supporters.

Burning the Clocks was created in 1993 as an antidote to the excesses of the commercial Christmas and as a way to celebrate the festive season regardless of faith, embracing our entire community. It brings people together from all ages and walks of life to celebrate our fantastically unique city and to share the things that bind us all.

Around 20,000 people now come to watch Burning the Clocks and around 2,000 people join in and take part in the lantern parade each year. Purchasing one of Same Sky’s packages not only allows you to be at the heart of this unforgettable event but also helps to make sure Burning the Clocks can return next year!

Go here for up to date information and Burning the Clocks news.

Organisers are proud to announce that the incredible Graham Carter has kindly decided to support Burning the Clocks again for the 5th year running and has created another stunning limited edition print to go with this years theme ‘East’. This print, as well as the previous years, are available to purchase on the crowfunder page, with the proceeds from each sale going towards Burning the Clocks, and organisers are even aiming to get the print to you for Christmas!

Graham Carter's stunning print 'East' for the 2017 Burning of the Clocks

Graham Carter’s stunning print ‘East’ for the 2017 Burning of the Clocks

clockwise from top right, 'Nonsense' for 2016, 'The Cosmos' for 2015, 'Urbano' for 2014 and 'The Deep' for 2013, all prints by Graham Carter.

clockwise from top right, ‘Nonsense’ for 2016, ‘The Cosmos’ for 2015, ‘Urbano’ for 2014 and ‘The Deep’ for 2013, all prints by Graham Carter.

There will be various road closures between 4pm to 9pm.

16.00 to 21.00

Madeira Drive

Full road closure from 16.00 to 21.00 on the day of the event. Traffic caught within road closure to be allowed to leave road closure until approximately 18.15. No traffic movement to be permitted during actual event.

17.00 – 19.00pm

Full Closure for lining up the parade

Jubilee St

New Road

18.15 – 19.00pm

North Street

18.30 – 19.00pm

Rolling Road closures on the following roads following route between 18.30 to approximately 19.00 to allow parade to proceed to Madeira Drive:

Church St

Middle St (north of Boyces St)

Duke St

Ship Street

Prince Albert Street

Black Lion St (north of The Laines Car Park)


18.30 – 19.10pm

Rolling Road closures on the following roads following route between 18.30 to approximately 19.10 to allow parade to proceed from New Road to Madeira Drive:

East Street

Brills Lane

Grand Junction Road (approx. 15 minute closure within the window 18.45 – 19.15)

Venue/Start location: New Road
End location: Brighton & Hove Seafront
Cost: Free

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