Would You Rather… Be Able To Read Minds OR Fly?

Giulia, 19 from Italy answered: “Good question… I’d rather fly. I wouldn’t want to be able to read minds because I would feel like I were invading the privacy of others. And if i could fly then I’d be able to see the world from another perspective.”


Chloe, 26 answered: “I can read minds already. I have deep psycho-analetic theories. It was a gift at birth. So I’d fly!”


Sophie, 26 answered: “Definitely read minds. Because as a doctor, it would make my job so much easier! To be able to know exactly what patients were thinking wold be amazing and it would just make life generally easier. It would be nice if you could be selective about it and not have to hear all the thoughts that would be unpleasant to hear though!”

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