February 27, 2024

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12 Stouffer's frozen appetizers, ranked from worst to best

12 Stouffer's frozen appetizers, ranked from worst to best

This baked frozen chicken meal sounds innocent enough. Especially Stover's version, which consists of boneless chicken breast, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Surely a simple, no-frills meal couldn't miss the mark too badly… right? We're afraid to mention that it's actually possible to ruin a frozen, baked chicken meal, so if you're tempted by the basic nature of Stouffer's show, we'd advise you to avoid it.

While our initial reaction may seem a bit harsh, it's important to keep in mind how difficult it is to spoil chicken. Many of Stouffer's frozen entrees contain chicken, but the key is that they contain diced or shredded chicken, which is much better in its frozen form. It took longer than expected to fully thaw the baked chicken breast in the microwave, and once it was finally heated through, it was nearly impossible to bite into. Combine the almost broken teeth with the fact that this chicken has no seasoning at all, and you have a recipe for a very disappointing meal.

The only saving grace for this frozen meal is the broth, although that doesn't provide much flavor either. The mashed potatoes are grainy and bland, and the chicken is almost inedible – this baked chicken meal isn't worth the price of admission.

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