February 22, 2024

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2023 PFT Week 15 NFL Picks: Florio vs. Sims

2023 PFT Week 15 NFL Picks: Florio vs. Sims

The competition is still deadlocked.

With Sims and I going 9-6 last weekend (she killed us Monday night), we are both 129-79 for the season.

My 10-4-1 performance against the spread has narrowed the gap in that category, but I still have a seven-game deficit.

This week we have two live controversies and six anti-spread controversies. For all Week 15 picks, scroll down.

Chargers at Raiders (-3)

Easton Stick vs. Aidan O’Connell. Pour in more eggnog.

Florio: Raiders, 17-10.

The Sims: Raiders, 20-13.

Vikings and Bengals (-3)

It’s unlikely that Jake Browning’s bubble will burst, as it did with Josh Dobbs.

Florio: Bengals, 24-17.

Simms: Bengals, 21-20.

Steelers at Colts (-1.5)

If the Steelers don’t win this one, they may not win another.

Florio: Steelers, 16-13.

Sims: Steelers, 17-14.

Broncos at Lions (-4)

Always take over the hot team on the team with a quarterback who has had nine turnovers in four games.

Florio: Broncos, 23-20.

Sims: Broncos, 23-20.

Falcons (-3) at Panthers

Why are there only three spreads?

Florio: Falcons, 20-10.

Sims: Falcons, 21-10.

Bears at Brown (-3)

Joe Flacco continues to push the Browns toward the playoffs.

Florio: Browns, 23-17.

Sims: Brown, 24-23.

Buccaneers at Packers (-3.5)

The stakes are high for both teams. It’s higher for the home team, which has a tougher path to the playoffs if it loses.

Florio: Packers, 24-20.

Simms: Packers, 27-21.

Jets at Dolphin (-8.5)

Will Zach Wilson keep him close? The job gets easier if Tyreek Hill can’t go.

Florio: Dolphins, 17-24.

Sims: Dolphins, 24-13.

Chiefs (-7.5) at Patriots

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Can the Chiefs put Sunday’s disappointment against Buffalo behind them, or will one loss become two?

Florio: Chiefs, 20-24.

Sims: Chiefs, 21-16.

Giants at Saints (-5.5)

They will cook chicken cutlets on a spike of lees.

Florio: Saints, 13-24.

Sims: Saints, 14-24.

Texans at Titans (-3)

The Texans feel the shock, and the Giants get a late-season boost.

Florio: Titans, 20-16.

The Sims: Titans, 17-21.

49ers (-12.5) at Cardinals

The 49ers are very interesting with their spreads.

Florio: 49ers, 38-17.

Sims: 49, 34-17.

Leaders in Rams (-6.5)

The Rams are playing for something. Leaders are not like that.

Florio: Rams, 31-21.

Sims: Rams, 27-17.

Cowboys Bills (-2)

Don’t mistake your helmet for this one.

Florio: Bills, 24-27.

Sims: Cowboys, 27-24.

Ravens (-3) at Jaguars

The Jags still have a chance at the No. 1 seed. If they lose this one, they won’t.

Florio: Jaguar, 24-27.

Sims: Crows, 31-24.

Eagles (-4) at Seahawks

Both teams desperately need a win. The Eagles are good enough to deliver.

Florio: Eagles, 28-21.

Sims: Eagles, 24-21.