June 24, 2024

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26 killed and 85 injured in train crash in Greece

26 killed and 85 injured in train crash in Greece
Two trains collided in Larissa, Greece

Two trains collided head-on late this Tuesday Greece leaving, so far, 26 people died and 85 were injured. After the conflict there A fire Many wagons.

“At least 26 people died” and “85 were injured,” the Greek fire service announced at a press conference after the first hour of the incident. Those injured in the accident were admitted to hospitals in the area.

For its part, the Greek Agency ANA He added that “several deaths” had been reported earlier and that the fire had already been brought under control.

After the accident, several wagons were set on fire.

According to local media reports, the accident happened nearby Tempeh – about 380 kilometers to the north Athens– between a freight train and a train carrying 350 passengers – IC 62 – covers the route Thessaloniki-Larissa.

About 40 officers from the Greek Fire Brigade and Hellenic Railways personnel rushed to the area along with some to evacuate people and help passengers. 30 ambulances.

According to government officials, after the implementation of the warning protocol issued for these types of accidents, the army and police forces are also assisting in the rescue efforts of the victims.

Firefighters are working to rescue people trapped between derailed wagons

Along with this incident, several wagons derailed, trapping many passengers. The pictures even show a section of the train completely flipped onto its side, and witnesses say it’s reassuring considering the speed at which they were traveling. The first wagons were completely crushed after the collision.

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A few minutes later this was confirmed by the regional governor of Thessaly. Kostas AgorastosWho informed the media SKAI That “Cars 1 and 2 are missing, they are completely destroyed”.

Of the 350 passengers, at least 50 were injured, 20 of them critically (REUTERS)

Some 15 passengers fainted University Hospital of Larissa and Hospital of Katarinis City.

It is expected that the Minister of Health, Thanos PleurisHead of Infrastructure and Transport, reach the scene of the incident as soon as possible. Nicos PappasHe will lead Tempi.

On his part, the Civil Defense Minister, Christos StylinidisHelp is in the operations center that coordinates tasks.

The accident occurred as both the trains were traveling at high speed on the same track. Initial investigations suggest that the two trains were running on the same track due to a mistake in switching tracks, but the cause of the failure is not yet known.

The tragedy occurred on a day in which at least two outages and delays had already been reported, with complaints of glitches in the remote control and signaling system of some earlier lines.

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