November 30, 2022

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49er news: Trey Lance, Drake Jackson is impressive in minicamp

49er news: Trey Lance, Drake Jackson is impressive in minicamp

Juszczyk of the 49ers was impressed by everything he saw from the Lance

“I feel like I’ve seen an improvement on the court, in terms of his performance,” Juszczyk said. “We saw a lot of big plays there. And as a leader, I just feel like it went up.”

Albert Breer expects Jimmy Garoppolo’s trade talks to intensify soon

“We want to take a look at Sam Darnold in Ben McAdoo’s attack. We want to take a look at Matt Corral, how he came from a minor college offense, and then we’ll reassess after we’re done with the Offseason program,” Brier said, describing the Panthers’ mindset. “That’s why I’m saying in about a week and a half in Carolina, Seattle, I think those teams will probably have a better idea overall of where they are in the middle. And that’s when I think those conversations resume…whether it’s San Francisco, Carolina, Cleveland, Carolina, Seattle, San Francisco. – Whatever it is…I think some of these talks will resume at the end of next week.”

Jake Brindle Center: The 49ers’ Best Kept Secret

“Brendel’s veteran profile, athletic ability, and knowledge not only of attacking, but also of Trey Lance, make him an intriguing favorite to win the central job thus far.”

Transcripts: What DeMeco Ryans and Brian Schneider said during the 49ers minicamp

“San Francisco 49ers defense coordinator DeMeco Ryans and special teams coordinator Brian Schneider spoke with reporters after Wednesday’s practice during the team’s mandatory small camp. That is all they had to say.”

49ers minicamp notebook: Bossa, Ibokam rave about rookie Jackson; The D-Line Room is happy but crowded; Ryan on Cornbucks

“Ebukam and Jackson could find themselves vying for the fast picks this season. Ebukam says that Jackson is already giving him some stiff competition, which should make both players better in the long run.

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“I’ve seen him run all the workouts, and I’m just like, ‘Man, he’s an athlete, he’s big,'” Ibokam said. I see him do it, I just love, oh yeah, I have someone who can push me. So he pushes me. He’ll pay others, too.”

Cohen: The good and the bad from Day Two of Minicamp

“[Trey Lance] Complete 10 of 15 pass attempts while playing without Debo Samuel, Brandon Ayok, George Keitel, Joan Jennings, Elijah Mitchell, Trent Williams, Daniel Brunskill and Mike McGlinchy. He also threw two long touchdown passes – one over the left side for Ray McCloud who beat Embry Thomas (more on him in a minute). The pass wobbled, but it was accurate and the receiver caught it, who cares? Jimmy Garoppolo would never have attempted this throw, let alone completed it. The second pass was down a deep spiral down the middle of the field to Jordan Matthews who was running a position. This was another pass that Garoppolo would not complete in a million years. But the objection was definitely one that Garoppolo could have thrown. On that play, Lance was under pressure, forced an over-center pass to KeeSean Johnson, and Leon O’Neill Jr. simply beat the receiver to the pickup point. Had it been Debo Samuel or Brandon Ayyuk, the pass might have been completed, but they didn’t train. With four practices in front of the media in this off-season, Lance completed 50 of 67 passes (74.6 percent), threw 6 touchdowns and 2 picks. it’s ready. The 49ers don’t need a Garoppolo anymore. They should cut it before training camp.”

Schrager’s Footsteps Hearing 49ers’ Trey Lance ‘Big Steps’ As Year Two Approaches

“And from everything we’ve heard from these guys, he’s been fantastic this season. He’s been leading the sessions, and he’s been The guy.”

Lombardi: What the 49ers love about Jake Brendel, frontrunner to replace Alex Mack (paywall)

“The 49ers might also be considering Daniel Brunskill, who started their eight for the position in 2020, for the position that comes training camp. But Brendel is the premiere in the post-Mack world, so it’s time to examine four key components of the post-Mack process. The 49ers are continuing in another transition in the center.”

Lombardi: 49ers minicamp: Nick Bossa pays tribute to Drake Jackson, his new cover (paywall)

“I was confused,” Bossa said. “I thought we drafted an inner quarterback, and I was like, ‘We have a lot of those. ‘ And then they started showing the highlights and I said, ‘Well, I see why we’re doing this.’

Tre Lance welcomes the great Steve Young’s advice at forty-nine ‘with open arms’

“Lance continued to speak with Young through team events. In addition, the two exchanged phone numbers. Through this constant communication, Young feels that he understands Lance’s strengths and what he still needs to improve.”

Branch: Nick Bossa ’49ers awaiting ‘notification’ on contract extension (paywall)

“I don’t know,” Bossa said. “I was just focused on getting better. I’m going to let my agent worry about that.”

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