October 3, 2023

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5 asteroids will pass close to Earth this week, and one of them is the size of a house

5 asteroids will pass close to Earth this week, and one of them is the size of a house

Strange but true

Things are going to get a little rocky.

An asteroid the size of a house is set to pass by Earth on Wednesday, and four more space rocks are set to follow in the coming days. According to NASA’s Asteroid Monitoring Board.

The large object, about 60 feet long, called JA5, was discovered in 2021 and is expected to be 3.17 million miles away from Earth.

NASA identifies “potentially hazardous objects” (PHO) as asteroids and comets larger than 500 feet that are expected to come within 4.7 million miles of Earth.

The other four asteroids range in length from 26 to 170 feet, and NASA describes their sizes as “planes” or “buses”.

Discovered in 1999, Bennu is a small asteroid that passes near Earth about every six years.
NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona

On Friday, the 83-foot, airplane-sized QC5 will cruise close to Earth at a distance of about 2.53 million miles, as will the smaller 2020 GE 26-foot spacecraft from a distance of 3.56 million miles.

Then come Sunday, the eighth round of quantitative easing — the largest and closest ever — is expected to come less than a million miles from Earth.

This massive 170-foot asteroid is on its way to 946,000 miles from its approach to Earth, as is QF6 – a 68-foot asteroid expected to fly 1.65 million miles away on the same day.

The two asteroids were discovered this year.

Asteroid JA5 is expected to pass near Earth on Wednesday.

The Post has reached out to NASA for comment.

The agency said that it had discovered more than 32,000 asteroids near Earth. As of last week.

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And NASA indicates that the average distance between the Earth and the Moon is about 239,000 miles.

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