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Brighton Journal | 25th February 2020

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6 things to do at the Sea Lanes!

6 things to do at the Sea Lanes!
Natalia Webster

Let me introduce to you the Sea Lanes, Brighton’s hub for all things sea swimming, health, well-being, and community. This unique venue is reviving the traditional practice of open water swimming in an entirely modern way.  As if aquatic adventures aren’t enough, they’re doing all this whilst enjoying craft beers, stretching at sunrise, and entertaining the little one’s!

The Endless Pool

As well as sounding like the title of a Pink Floyd album, the endless pool is a state of the art counter-current swimming machine, a ‘swimmers treadmill’ if you like. This, accompanied by high spec camera footage and instant visual analysis, allows the talented coaches at Sea Lanes to provide 1-to-1 tuition to help you improve your swim stroke. Perhaps you’re a beginner looking to gain confidence, or maybe a seasoned triathlete looking for a personal best. At any level this is the perfect tool to improve, gain confidence, and learn from the best so that you can take to the sea and swim to your hearts content.

The Beach Box

Sea Lanes offer this unusual European bathing experience to encourage you to reawaken the body and mind. Taking a moment to relax in one of their wood fired saunas is not to be overlooked as a healthful and enjoyable experience. Alternate periodically between the heat of the sauna and a plunge in the cold refreshing ocean for the full detoxifying and healing effect. This underrated practice is amazing for your blood flow, recovery of muscles, and releasing those all important endorphins.

The Summer Pop Up

Those that haven’t yet had the pleasure of being introduced to the Pop Up at Sea Lanes, do not panic. Summer isn’t over yet. The Pop Up is running right up until the end of October, it’s not too late to squeeze every drop of summer out of 2019. Whether you are an ‘early morning yoga and sea swim’ type or a ‘few tasty craft beers at sunset’ character, or both! Who am I to judge?! There is something for everyone at Sea Lanes.

The Summer Pop Up: Fitness Classes

Throughout the week a variety of movement and fitness classes take place at Sea Lanes.  Offerings include yoga, pilates, zumba, and tai chi. Twice a week there is a Swim Gym Fitness class aimed at building strength and stamina for swimmers. Something that stands out is the Yoga and Sea Swim classes on weekdays at 7.30am. We all want to be ‘that person’ that gets to work full of energy and vitality, and now we can be. The classes take place outdoors overlooking the sea. If the British weather decides to rear it’s indecisive head, there is an indoor rainy day alternative.

The Summer Pop Up: Bison Bar 

Bison Beach Bar is a popular destination for sunset chasers and craft beer fanatics. There’s nothing quite like relaxing by the sea in a pinstriped deck chair with your favourite tipple amongst fellow Brightonians. This atmospheric communal space is overflowing with good vibes and it gives you a real flavour of what Sea Lanes is all about. The bar is open Monday to Sunday 12pm-11pm, nothing tastes better than a cold beer after a long swim!

The Summer Pop Up: For Kids

Aside from bringing your kids with you to the Bison Bar on a sunny day out, Rugby Tot’s takes place every Monday for children ages 2-3.5 and then 3.5 to 5.  Engaging and energetic coaches run a fun and structured play session supporting your little one’s development along the way. Kids will learn basic rugby skills and invaluable team work skills whilst playing and socialising with peers in the refreshing sea air.

The Future

Sea Lanes is, at it’s heart, acting as an inspiration and celebration of sea swimming and open water swimming. Their long term plans include building a National Open Water Swimming Centre starting in Spring 2020. It is anticipated that this will in turn have a rejuvenating effect on Madeira Drive returning it to it’s former glory. A 5 year scheme will see the transformation of the area, including the construction of a 25m outdoor pool. This pool will act as a gateway for those looking to gain the confidence to swim in the sea, as well as a training hub for open water swimming events, triathlon, sea safety and lifeguard courses.


Please stay safe and always check the tides before swimming in the sea, refer to our article on Sea Safety in Brighton for advice on how to sea swim safely. For more information on the 5 year scheme please also visit the Sea Lanes website.

Featured image by China Cooper


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